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GYS Plasma Cutter 40 FV

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GYS Plasma Cutter 40 FV

GYS Plasma Cutter 40 FVGYS Plasma Cutter 40 FV

GYS Plasma Cutter 40 FV

Ref: 031043

Price:881.79 (1,058.15 Including VAT at 20%)

  • Included: GYS Plasma Cutter 40 FV and torch
  • Plasma cutter with Inverter technology. Suitable for maintenance work and car body repairs
  • Manufacture: GYS
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  • One of the most important and simplest ways to create strong welds is to properly maintain your welders & plasma cutting equipment. Taking care of your plasma cutter and welder does not require a great deal of effort, and it can save you significant time and money in the long run - both in equipment longevity and in weld quality and performance
  • Depending on the type of welding equipment you’re using, the maintenance required will be different
  • We are authorised service partner for most brand names, we have the capability and experience to repair and service a full range of welders and plasma cutting equipment
  • We undertake an extensive and ongoing training programme allowing us to keep up to speed with all latest innovations and upgrades
  • We look forward to creating a mutual servicing contract for your new or used welding and cutting equipment, designed to maintain the length of service of your equipment for that ever increasing search for profitability
  • We have a team of service engineers
  • On-site maintenance or loan unit supplied
  • Certification left on site
  • GEA accredited
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