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Tecalemit Polaris Automatic Tyre Changer (TTC200TH)

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Tecalemit Polaris Automatic Tyre Changer (TTC200/TH)

Tecalemit Polaris Automatic Tyre Changer (TTC200/TH)GEA Accredited

Tecalemit Polaris Automatic Tyre Changer (TTC200/TH)

Ref: TTC200/TH

2,875.00 (3,450.00 Including VAT at 20%)

  • The Tecalemit TTC 200 is the latest generation of our established Polaris range of tyre changers for professionals
  • TTC 200 has been specifically developed for use in tyre shops and higher throughput workshop facilities
  • The TTC 200 features some significant developments over earlier generations of Polaris tyre changers, most notably the redesigned chassis and column which now allows wheels up to 15" wide and with an overall diameter of up to 46" to be used on the turntable
  • Foot operated controls for turntable direction, rim clamping, bead breaking and tilting the column backwards and forwards make the TTC 200 easy to use allowing the operator to concentrate on the tyre and wheel being worked on
  • TTC 200/TH is the recommended specification with the standard TTC 200 supplied complete with a re-designed roller system and articulated helper arm for re-fitting tyres, this can also be used for providing a 3rd pressure point when removing tyres
  • The roller and helper arm apply pressure pneumatically and are controlled via a conveniently positioned hand control panel
    Single phase (3Ph option available)
  • Net weight 220kg
  • 1Ph 240V 50Hz 0.9Kw
  • 3Ph 400V 2 speed 50Hz 1.1/0.8Kw
  • Air operating pressure 8 -12bar
  • Bead breaker force 2500Kg
  • Min/max rim diameter (clamped internally) 12" - 23"
  • Min/max rim diameter (clamped externally) 10" - 20"
  • Maximum wheel diameter 46"
  • Min/max wheel width 3" - 16"
  • Delivered and installed to a prepared site (no groundwork undertaken) by GEA accredited engineers
  • Manufacture: Tecalemit
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT - We pride ourselves on our after sales service

  • To ensure trouble-free operation of your tyre changer it is recommended to clean the mobile parts from heavy dirt and keep them smooth
  • Regular maintenance is essential to maintain compliance whatever your industry
  • We have been providing service contracts for over 25 years
  • Knowledgeable service manager
  • Skilled, competent and trained engineers equipped to maintain and calibrate a wide range of garage equipment from compressors, vehicle lifts and brake testers right through to oil pumps and torque wrenches
  • Service contracts to suit all sizes of organisations and equipment inventory, from sole traders to manufacturer groups
  • We work to the highest of health and safety standards
  • GEA accredited
  • Full professional combined insurance and public liability
  • Free of charge, no obligation quotation
  • 3 year fixed service price
  • Quick customer response times and minimum equipment downtime
  • Reminder service
  • Completion on time
  • Service certification
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